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IUGA 2006 (Athens)



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The Perineology webring 

1. www.perineology.com  : is the main website giving the definition of this new approach of the female perineum called Perineology.

2. www.ultrasonography.org : practical approach of ultrasound in Perineology.

3. www.vaginaltape.com :  treatment of stress urinary incontinence with a small mesh.

4. www.urgeincontinence.com : another approach of urge incontinence.

5. www.monaccouchement.com : everything about childbirth for the future mothers (in French). 

6. www.perineology.TV  : the videos of our webring are available on streaming (RealPlayer) on behealth.TV the Belgium Medical web TV.

7. www.pudendal.com: website about pudendal neuropathy.

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