G.E.P atlas of Pelvic Floor Anatomy


Anatomy of the pelvic floor is quite hard to understand. With the help of this atlas it will become more easy. The perfect knowledge of this basic anatomy is indispensable for every perineologist. 

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All the images of this atlas have been published in the first book of Perineology (Reference: La Périnéologie...comprendre un équilibre et le préserver. Ed. Jacques Beco, Jack Mouchel, Georges Nélissen. Odyssée 1372, Verviers, Belgique, 1998)  


The Atlas of Anatomy (Copyright GEP 1998): 

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Fig.1: Pelvic wall  (Original Design: Daniel Forey)

Fig.2: Superior plane of the muscular diaphragm: Levator plate (view from the top).
Fig.3: Inferior plane of the muscular diaphragm: pubo-rectalis (view from the top).
Fig.4: Levator plate and pubo-rectalis (design: Pierre Bonnet).
Fig.5: Anterior and posterior insertion of the pelvic fascia.
Fig.6: Arcus tendineus fascia pelvis: connection of the fascia with the muscular diaphragm.
Fig.7: Pelvic fascia (view from the top).
Fig.8: Ano-rectum between the pelvic fascia and the muscular diaphragm.
Fig.9: Rectum going through the posterior hiatus of the pelvic fascia.
Fig.10: Urethra and bladder: the trigone is inserted in the fascia; the fascia is a support of the urethra.
Fig.11: The trigone in the fascia (view from the top)
Fig.12: The vagina and the uterus: the second part of the vagina and the cervix are included in the pelvic fascia.
Fig.13: The vagina included in the pelvic fascia (Design: Pierre Bonnet).
Fig. 14: Vaginal angle with ultrasound.
Fig.15: Under curarization the angle disappears because the pubo-rectalis relaxes. 
Fig.16: The second part of the vagina in the pelvic fascia (view from the top)
Fig.17: 3D View of the vagina (Design: Pierre Bonnet).  
Fig.18: Tranversal ultrasonic section of the vagina at the junction between the two parts (vaginal hammock) 
Fig.19: Perineum: view from below (Original Design: Daniel Forey).
Fig.20: Fibrous core of the perineum: the end of the pelvic fascia.
Fig.21: Triple loop of the anal striated sphincter (Shafik).
Fig.22: Para-median section through the lateral portion of the vaginal hammock. 
Fig.23: Para-median section through the pubo-rectalis branch and the utero-sacral ligament (=superior end of the pelvic fascia)
Fig.24: 3D View of the pelvic floor (design: Pierre Bonnet)

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